Oshkosh Rhythm Institute

Promoting wellness in our community through recreational music making.


Robin Cardell is the founder of and lead facilitator at the Oshkosh Rhythm Institute. He has been facilitating Drum Circles in the Fox Valley for over 25 years now. With thousands of rhythm based events with all sorts of different populations served, Robin brings a depth of experience to each and every circle he facilitates. As part of upgrading our website we will be adding reference info for some of the many schools, church groups, civic organizations and communities Robin has served in the past. Please feel free to contact him for more info on his qualifications and experience.

In 2016 Robin was invited to present at the first Oshkosh TEDx event at the historic Grand Opera House. A big thanks to Chris, Jen, Cynthia and Eliana for helping with the 'talk'. You can see the presentation here


HealthRHYTHMS  is a Group Empowerment Drumming Protocol that was developed by neurologist Barry Bittman, MD in collaboration with Remo Inc.. Remo was interested in discovering ways to use the company's core competencies to make the world a better place. 

At the conclusion of the study of the immune system effects, Christine K. Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, MA, Karl Bruhn and Barry Bittman, MD worked together to develop the training program to teach the specific protocol which demonstrated a healthful biological impact. The first training program was offered in 2001. HealthRHYTHMS facilitation training teaches participants to facilitate the research-based HealthRHYTHMS protocol. 

Robin Cardell has attended several HealthRHYTHMS trainings since 2002.

Here are two certificates he received:



Arthur Hull, known as the father of the modern Drum Circle movement, works with Village Music Circles to train Drum Circle Facilitators all over the world. Robin Cardell has attended several Drum Circle Facilitation Trainings and Rhythmical Alchemy Playshops with Arthur. Robin experienced the transformative process of community building while learning the skills to facilitate rhythm events.  Using powerful facilitation techniques, leadership skills and creative empowerment he learned  the techniques to successfully facilitate our community through joyful rhythm experiences.

Here are two certificates he received:



"Drumming for the Soul"        [@ the Fond du Lac Community Drum Circle]

Who knew that a drumming circle could change my life? Last year was pretty stressful for me. I spent a great deal of time caring for my mom who was on hospice. As a caregiver, I devoted my time and energy to doctor appointments, running back and forth to the hospital, endless calls, and helping my family manage and cope with the reality of mom’s

A few months ago, some friends asked if I would join them for a fun night out. They had
found out about this free drumming circle in Fond du Lac and wanted to try it out. I said
sure why not; my other option was to stay home and watch TV with the dog. Now this is not
something I have on my bucket list of things to do before I die. But I was very surprised when it was all said and done.

Robin leads an informal drumming circle; no talent required. I like to call him the “Drumming Guru.” Robin has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and safe to express their inner drummer. He encourages you to play from the heart. Robin explains that there are no mistakes in playing the drums because there are no music sheets to follow. Whether you play fast or slow, loud or soft, high or low sounds it doesn’t matter the sounds slowly begin to blend together to make a unique sound. You may come as an individual and leave with a sense of community.

I was surprised to feel a sense of calmness from within. The stress and anxiety of my day
began to melt away as breathing slowed and the beat of my heart became one with the
sound of the bass drum. The only way I can explain this is I began to feel grounded again.
As I continued to attend the monthly drumming circle, I found myself beginning to feel better, the heaviness of my daily life became lighter, and I found myself happier and content with my life.

Now before you decide that drumming is not for you, I encourage you to stop by and try
the drumming circle with Robin at Agnesian HealthCare. You may be very surprised to find
your inner drummer.

I want to say thank you to my friends for asking me to join them that one Tuesday night.

Agnesian HealthCare Community Drumming Circle
First Tuesday night from 7 to 9 p.m.
St. Agnes Chapel - FREE

The Beat Goes On...
Dawn M. Rehrauer, Bereavement Counselor


The Oshkosh Rhythm Institute facilitates teambuilding workshops on a pretty regular basis. Here is a note from one of the groups after such a workshop.


I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you! A few of the staff were hesitant about the activity – but EVERYONE gushed about how fun and enjoyable it was. I think that you hit on some things that our team really needed to hear. Thank you! I will highly recommend you to my friends/colleagues!

       Emily Propson, M.S.

Teacher, Wisconsin Women’s Resource Center

And from a drum circle participant...

It is fascinating what you are doing with the drum circles.  I'm very interested in attending again.    Love what you are doing!   I had a lot of fun.  Thanks Robin :) 

       Jeffrey McAndrew  

From Julie Ortman of Verve Credit Union

Thank You for attending our first annual Interactive wellness fair!  I heard nothing but great things from each of our Verve team members who attended!  They appreciated the sharing of information and the interactive style that you all displayed so beautifully.

Thanks again for your time and expertise in your field.

Some of the other organizations that have utilized the Oshkosh Rhythm Institutes services are:

Oshkosh School District 

Lourdes Academy

Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Leadership Programs (for Youth and Adults)

St. Agnes Hospital (Fond du Lac)

Nova Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility

Proctor and Gamble Global ESS Product Supply HR

Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin

Bella Vista Assisted Living Facility

Davis Child Care Center

Littlest Tumor Foundation

Artscore (a partnership between UWO and the Paine Art Center)

Touchmark Retirement Community

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh